Enterprise Resource Management

Protect your most valuable resources–people and opportunity–by helping your team focus on the right work, at the right time. With Workfront's AI-enabled resource management tools, project owners and people managers gain complete visibility into resource capacity and project status.


Plan Strategically

Adaptability drives innovation. Use Workfront’s Resource Planner to know how and when to say "yes" to the right work. Plan strategically for future work by viewing resources by team, project, or task, and make real-time adjustments to meet market demands.


Work Smarter

Smart resource management requires smart tools. Workfront's AI-enabled technology intelligently distributes and assigns work to teams, groups, or individuals based on priority, availability, and skill requirements, ensuring that the right people are doing the right work, and that your team can innovate faster than before.


Protect Your Team

Don’t lose your best employees because of burnout or boredom. Use Workfront’s Resource Manager to protect your team by automatically allocating work, or manually contour hours and visually modify individual team member assignments to account for unknowns and maintain balance.

More Features

AI Enabled

Innovative teams need innovative technology. Our AI-enabled technology makes assigning work a breeze.


Take away the guesswork, make more informed decisions, and plan for the future with confidence with full-spectrum data.


Maintain productivity on-the-go. With cloud-based software, you can access work and share information in real-time, from anywhere.

Granular Filtering

Strategic planning requires deep insight. Drill down into data for complete visibility into specific resource performance.

Prioritized Projects

High-performance teams can now pivot with changing market demands and adjust budgets and resources to reflect shifting priorities.

Utilization Reports

Relay relevant information quickly. Utilization reports give executives insight into profit margins and the costs of work.

Custom Views

When it comes to resource management, one size doesn't fit all. Create custom views that meet your specific management needs.

Export to Excel

Sharing data with key stakeholders doesn't need to be difficult. Export and share data directly from Workfront to Excel.

View Employee Calendars

Spend less time planning and more time working. View individual employee schedules and assign projects according to availability.

Your Burnout Protection Plan

See how Resource Management with Workfront can give you a competitive edge.

"A single collaboration tool that's used throughout our global company has been key to managing multiple high-level marketing initiatives."

Jennifer Johnson,
Senior Web Marketing Program Manager at Informatica

"These systems help us prevent silo-ing of information so many companies experience. Nothing is done in a vacuum. Because our teams are in Workfront and able to get the whole scope, collaboration and dialog can be tracked and even increased."

Lauren Newman,
Product Development Systems Manager at Lacrosse Footwear Incorporated

"Workfront allows us to post updates on projects, tasks, and issues, so that everyone is always on the same page and knows what is going well and what is going not-so-well with the different challenges we face daily."

Alex Adams,
IT Implementation Coordinator at Genuine Parts Company