Review and Approval Software

Do more of the work you love. With Workfront, all of the proofing tools you need to review and approve digital work are at your fingertips, making the review and approval processes fast and simple, and allowing you to spend less time reviewing and more time being creative.


Automate Approval Workflows

Keep work moving forward. Stop hunting down approvals, gathering comments, and trying to make sure everyone has the correct version. With Workfront’s workflow approval software, collaborators and stakeholders are automatically notified and updated on all pending and completed approvals all along each project’s path, giving you time to focus on the work that matters.


Accelerate Digital Collaboration

Bring your proofing process into the 21st century with one place for creatives, project managers, and approvers to collaborate. Workfront’s proofing tools track comments and changes in the same place, making it easy to turn feedback into action items and deliver quality work on time, every time.


Protect Your Brand

Protect your company and your job. With Workfront’s review and approval software the entire project cycle—from ideation to completion—is tracked in a single location, maintaining a historical audit trail and ensuring all digital content is compliant with corporate or government regulations.

More Features

Multiple File Types

Review everything in one place. High-quality proofs are manageable from over 150 file types including, static files, audio, video, gifs, html5, and more.

Threaded Discussions

Stop wasting time hunting down information. Back-and-forth discussions are threaded and become a historical record, accessible at any time.

Compare Mode

Move work forward by viewing each new version side-by-side and comparing changes.

External Proofing

Digital proofs or a public URLs allow external collaborators to be informed, remain in context, and provide guidance on the project.

Smart Markup Tools

Reduce revision time with clear markup tools. Highlight text, measure pixels, mark changes with an arrow, or use shapes to indicate changes

Approval Templates

Win back your time with approval templates that specify a project’s pertinent details, timelines, and deadlines eliminate uncertainty and surprises.

Learn how to streamline your creative process and eliminate time-wasting review and approval challenges.

“Workfront reduced the amount of time needed for proofing by allowing multiple reviewers access at the same time. Markups are easily readable since the feedback is typed and not handwritten. It is easy to identify where a proof is in the review process because we do not have to go desk to desk looking for paper proofs.”

Shelly Long,

“Internally, collaboration has never been better or easier. Using Workfront's comment features, we can easily discuss a project and have that be a part of the official record. We can work far more easily with all of our employees no matter where they are and Work simultaneously to more easily meet difficult deadlines.”

Anthony Pernice,
Senior Traffic Manager at Health Science Communications

“Workfront is currently being used by our strategic communications team as well as our marketing team. We use the tool to manage incoming requests from our internal clients as well as manage projects related to trade shows and marketing efforts. It helps to keep all communication in one place, improve the proofing process with clients and streamline work and assignments.”

Jenna Horton,
Traffic Manager at JAX Creative