Long-term Customer Success Through Business-value-driven Services

It doesn’t matter what technology you choose. Without the right plan, it won’t get adopted and your project will fail.

Workfront gets adopted.

Working as your strategic partner, Workfront’s Global Consulting team will work with you to define the “Right Plan” for your organization.

Leveraging experience of thousands of implementations using proven project management methodologies, we know how to accelerate full-user adoption to make sure you get the most out of Workfront. Let us help you get this right!

Steps Leading to Success


“The minute our Workfront consultant arrived, he sat down with us and didn’t just go through what Workfront can do, but asked me questions about our workflow. ‘Is that the best way it can work? Why do you do things this way?’ He didn’t just figure out how things would work in Workfront, but figured out if we were using the most efficient workflow, period. He really eased my fears, even within the first day.”


Sr. Graphic Designer
House of Blues

Experience To Get You Started-knowledge To Keep You Going

Unlike other project management software companies, we don’t just sell you a software license and hope you figure it out and somehow magically get your whole team using a new tool.

Workfront’s education program accelerates user adoption and results. Our experienced team of instructors, comprehensive catalog of courses, and breadth of courses will power your team with the skills they need to optimize your investment in Workfront.

Our easy-to-follow, role-based education program has helped thousands of organizations with effective knowledge and skills transfer boosting adoption and overall work management success.

Education Courses

Flexible And Customizable

From workshops to webinars, interactive, live courses to on-demand, self-paced tutorials, Workfront education provides a broad range of learning paths to drive greater proficiency and make all your users powerful.

Easy to learn
Role-based courses make it easy for everyone to learn how to use Workfront quickly.
Easy to schedule
Comprehensive set of courses makes it easy for your team to find the right class at the right time.
Easy to succeed
Reach the highest level of Workfront proficiency in the shortest time possible.

“I had little experience with the program prior to the class and this took me deeper into it and helped me to navigate through it more efficiently and with greater ease.”


House of Blues

We understand that every organization requires a different level of support. That’s why we offer four different support programs right-sized to meet your needs and budget.

Every customer gets a basic support plan with their Workfront solution which includes access to online support, online help, and community resources.

Our enterprise customers find the most benefit from our Platinum support program which guarantees expedited response time. The Platinum support level also provides personalized and dedicated access to our most experienced Platinum Support Engineers who understand your unique business needs and technological environment.

Whether you’re just getting started, or a seasoned rockstar, get the most value from Workfront with the most comprehensive Customer Support offerings in the industry.

Services Basic Sliver Gold Platinum
Online Support
Community Portal
Online Help / Documentation
SLA Commitments
Phone Support
First Response Times – Critical
2 Hours 1.5 Hours 1 Hour 30 Minutes
Dedicated Support Engineer

Supporting You Through Your Entire Customer Journey

Things change. We get it. As your Workfront engagement evolves, you can adjust your support plan on an on-going basis to ensure that you are always getting the right level of product support.

Your Success is our success. Period.

We get that shiny new software can lose its sparkle and end up sitting on a shelf in the back of the closet. Not true with Workfront!

Armed with tips to increase user adoption or best practices to overcome common industry challenges like change management, our customer success team is dedicated to making sure you get results.

We refuse to rest as we work with you throughout your Workfront journey to continually assess and help evolve your organization’s level of enterprise work management maturity.

Enterprise Work & Project Management Maturity Levels.





  • Work is unplanned
  • Work is unorganized
  • No goals for work
  • Limited visibility into work performed
  • Structured work is planned
  • Structured work is organized
  • Work goals established
  • Basic visibility into work performed





  • Requests managed
  • Change management
  • All work is organized
  • Work goals measured
  • Visibility enables iterative problem solving
  • Work flows optimized
  • Cross functional visibility
  • Work trends allow visibility
  • Workflow integrated internally & externally

Accelerating adoption

Strategic business leaders understand what your success looks like and how to get you there.

Strategic evolution

Enables your transition from ad hoc, scattered work to work that is managed, integrated, and optimized.

Ongoing customer success

Expert resources and insight into proven work management processes.